From the Arkansas Statehouse...

Gas drillers yes, constables no.

In News of the Droll on 23 January 2009 at 12:24 pm

It’s no secret that Arkansas politicians love natural gas drilling. And sure, energy companies bring a little extra dough to the state. But do we really need an official resolution commending Southwestern Energy for tapping a bonanza in the Fayetteville Shale? At least we now know that gas wells and robots have similar names.

In other news, voters could get to decide on a new constitutional amendment in 2010. No, the issue is not dropping annual sessions. It’s abolishing the office of constable.

  1. I feel as Arkansans, we all better become more involved with what’s going on in our state. We elected these people to protect our interests. Obviously…they are not doing the job. Our state goverment is selling us out to fill their pockets. I am so disappointed. Does anyone know of a website or petition against these gas drillers actions. I only get to visit home (Arkansas)every once in a while, as i’m military, but want to do my part to help protect our state. If we don’t collectively do something soon, our state will no longer be known as the “Natural State”. What a shame.

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